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Daily Activity Goals:


  • Sample at least 2 New people per day

  • Invite 2 people from your LIST to the Daily Opportunity Presentation

  • Invite 2 people from Social Media to the Daily Opportunity Presentation

  • Follow-Up with people you previously Sampled

  • Follow-Up with people that previously listened to the Presentation

The most important IPA (Income Producing Activity) you need to do to build your business is the consistent introduction of TLC to NEW people. This will keep your business Healthy and Growing...

As a TEAM we have several ways to consistently accomplish this:

  • Giving out Samples

    • Samples can be found in your back office under​ SHOP. We recommend giving out at least 10 Samples per week.

  • Using the Team phone App (BFYL)

    • Download the App​

  • M-F 8pm est Nightly Opportunity Presentations at

    • Invite at least 2 to 3 people daily from your list to hear more about TLC​

  • Social Media strategy

    • Implement the Social Media strategy daily to meet new people and invite them to hear more about TLC​. (CLICK HERE for the Strategy)

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