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Customer Service - 1-855-462-7449

Steps to Plugging In & Getting Set Up

1. PLUG IN, Send a request to Join Team FaceBook Community  (Global Legacy Team)
2. Download PartnerCo Share App on your cell phone from your App Store. Once downloaded log in with your Back Office credentials.
3. Log into your Back Office. Go to Partner.Co and enter your Log In credentials. Click on Office take a look around.

4. C
reate your Monthly Subscription of minimum 100pv (Click Here) Video has no sound.

***This step is IMPORTANT as it ensures you remain ACTIVE and gives you the benefit of purchasing the products at the 30% off discount prices. Please consult with your Sponsor if you are unsure what products to choose.***

5. If you
DID NOT purchase products during your enrollment process you need to Qualify your Business Center ASAP in order to EARN COMMISSIONS!!! Do this by logging into your back office, click shop, select a product package with a minimum of 100pv then checkout.   

*** When deciding which package to purchase please discuss with your Sponsor first ***

6. Set up how you would like to receive your weekly commissions (Click Here)


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